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Come to church and listen to God’s Word

If your body gets hurt what do you do? You go to a doctor and ask him for help. They sometimes help you and sometimes they don't know what is wrong with your body. It can be a pretty hard path you have to go until you get healthy again. But what do you do when the parts of your body no doctor can see or cure get hurt? Most people turn to religion. They try to find ways to gain their spiritual health again by taking part of some spiritual routines.

The church helped me

I had quite a few losses in my life. Some of them were really close to me. That is when I started to think about life, death and the meaning of everything. One of my friends is a Christian and I asked him once if I could go with him to the church on Sunday. He was happy about that and said that I could, of course. The priest talked about love, life, death and how we can find our own path using God's words. After a while I realized that it's not only Christianity that can help you find your way through life, but also many other religions, like Islam, Buddhism and many others. So I kept going to church and always used the opportunity to talk with the priest about my problems.

But I also read the holy Kur'an and manuscripts of other religions and philosophies. That really helped me become the person I am today. All that are God's words and He can reach us through every religion and teach us how to live our best life. I certainly do and hope to stay on my path that will bring me to heaven.