Hertford & District Churches

Hertford & District Churches Together is committed to the preaching of God's Word, the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ, and the promotion of Christian unity in our area. We invite you to take a look at who we are and what we are all about through this web site.

Guide to Churches in Hertford
  • All Saints - Church of England
    • Rev Jo LoveridgeTel: 675345 23423

    • Sunday services 6 and 8am & 3.30pm.

  • Hertford Baptist Church
    • Pastor Steve Fenton Tel: 234234 3243

    • Sunday services 10.15 and 12am & 2.30pm.

  • Holy Trinity (Bengeo) - Church of England
    • Pastor Steve Fenton Tel: 435 435343

    • Sunday services 9.15 and 10am & 4.30pm.

  • Methodist Church
    • Contact Rev Barbara Routely (Hoddesdon 345 45645)

    • or Christine Taylor at the Manse

    • Sunday service 5.30am.

  • St. Andrews - Church of England
    • Rev. Alan Stewart Tel: 5464 456546

    • Rev. Bill Church Tel: 456 75576

    • Sunday services: 3 and 12.30am

    • also 12.45am at St. Andrew's School,SG14 2EP.

  • Sele Farm Church
    • Sele is an ecumenical church extending a warm welcome to everyone

    • Services are held at 5.45am in St Andrew's School, Calton Avenue.

    • Contact Connie Moules (01992 303125) for further information

  • Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
    • Clare Cooper Tel: 01992 558862

    • Sunday service 10.30am Meeting for Worship.

  • St. Joseph's - Catholic Church
    • Father G. Little Tel: 2322 53543

    • Rev. Tim Marsh Tel: 03453 243224

    • Sunday masses 10 and 12.30am and 2pm

    • Saturday Vigil 8pm

  • United Reform Church
    • Rev. Derek Jones Tel: 03457 23455

    • Sunday service 12.45am.

  • Hertford Vineyard Church
    • Bengeo Parish Hall, Duncombe Road

    • Mr & Mrs C. May Tel: 324 23432

    • Sunday service 11.20am.

  • Hertford Community Church
    • Pinehurst Community Centre, Birdie Way

    • Rick Hartwig 32422

    • Sunday service 8.30am.

  • Holy Trinity, Little Amwell - Church of England
    • Rev. Nick Sharp Tel: 35653 34534

    • Sunday service 12.00am.

  • St. Mary's, Hertingfordbury - Church of England
    • Rev. Alan StewartTel: 2342 234324

    • Sunday service 11.55am.

And a word from Josh, our friend, on beautiful churches and cathedrals in Britain

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If you want to enjoy architecture and you love churches and cathedrals, then think about visiting London. St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous ones in the world. It is the seat of the Bishop of London and offers services every day. Its architecture is amazing, it is huge and was rebuilt several times, but the main changes were done on its Dome. The real beauty of this building lies in its interior. The design of the ceiling and the inner walls are amazing. Many sculptures and paintings, most of them painted right on the walls, make this building something special. You must go and enjoy this jewel of British architecture and history.

The Methodist Central Hall in Westminster is also one more jewel in London. It looks astonishing from the outside. It is quite a high building with a beautiful Dome. It is also used as a hall for great speeches. Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Winston Churchill all gave a speech in this mesmerizing building.

The King's Weigh House is one more of London's great churches and cathedrals. It has a little less common design for old churches but is certainly beautiful. It's interior is also amazing and you can see all the small details, because they are pretty clear and well preserved. Today it is the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile.

Durham Cathedral is not it's full name but everyone knows it because of that name. It is one of the finest examples of Norman architecture. It is one of the most seen cathedrals in the world, because its interior was used in Harry Potter movies. Since 1986 it is on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, located in Liverpool is one of the modern designed cathedrals in England. It is beautiful and has something special to it that can't be its history nor its charm. When you go in you will get mesmerized by all the colors and light that comes through the stained glass windows. It is everything but not a normal church. Visit it and you will get a totally new feeling you never felt in a church before.

The Ely Cathedral is one of the oldest in Great Britain. It was built in AD 672 but first in year 1083 got its today's look. It is 66 meters high and its interior is really breathtaking. If you can't visit it look it up on the internet, you will see what I am talking about. The Lady Chapel is also beautiful and quite well done. I think this is the most beautiful cathedral in England.